Thursday, April 19, 2012

So pardon me while I get used to this "blogging" thing...

But thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Edward C. Jones (better known to friends, colleagues, and purchasers of some of my printed versions of computer books as ‘Ed Jones’), and I’ve been writing about technology and tech-based topics for a very long time. (HOW LONG, you say??? You had to ask… Let’s just say that my first best-selling title, about a product named dBASE III, explained the use of a software package that ran on an IBM Personal Computer, circa 1984, with dual floppy disk drives.

A lot has changed since those early days of the tech revolution, and now I’m being pushed into the e-book revolution. (OK, diving in head first would be a more realistic description.) At any rate, glad you stopped by my corner of cyberspace, and let me know what you think. In particular, if there’s an e-book on a technical topic that you feel you would buy in a heartbeat, I welcome your suggestions on what that book would be- just suggest a title, and I’ll consider taking it from there! I am a writer, after all… and like many writers, I am in constant search of “the next big thing.”

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