Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birds is the Wurdz...

“Flippin the Bird” is the slogan emblazoned across one of my favorite T-shirts, and it refers not to an obscene gesture, but to a bird aimed at a pig by a slingshot.  Not just any pig, but a a bunch of evil pigs that stole the birds’ eggs. And not just any bird, but an angry bird.  Yes, I am an admitted diehard fan of Angry Birds, and I’ve been playing the latest installment, Angry Birds in Space.

What I like about Angry Birds is that it is so bloody intuitive.  Even in the latest installment, Angry Birds in Space, you don’t have to read the manual.  With Angry Birds, you play, and you learn.  And Angry Birds in Space uses some neat tricks by the way, features like the ability to use a neighboring planet’s gravitational force to slingshot the birds to take out the pigs. My other favorite, Angry Birds in Rio, I like not just for the intuitiveness of it but also for the scenery, for the catchy calypso beat added to the Angry Birds’ theme song, and for the fact that the game is just a lot of fun.

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